Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Baby's Room

Here is a video I took of the baby's room is now almost done!! Chris did most of the painting in the past few weeks...he did a really good job. This weekend we put up the border now looks like a real baby's room. We have ordered new carpet and it should be installed within the next 2 or 3 weeks in time for the shower on March 1st!

I took my 1 hour glucose test the other week and failed!! My blood sugar levels were too high. I had to go back on Monday for a 3 hour test. It was NOT fun...I had to get my blood taken 4 times and drink this gross sugary drink (it was twice as strong as the 1hour one) which made me feel sick and jittery and light-headed. Chris was sweet enough to come with me since they make you sit there for the whole three hours in the lab waiting room...I'm glad he came to keep me company. I got the results today and I don't have gestational diabetes (thank goodness) but one of my blood draws came up high so the doctor said to avoid sweets, candies, cookies, etc. (ahhh!! my favorites!!)

Well, that's about it so far in baby doctor's appointment is next Tuesday, February 12th.