Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jack's Fish Face

We had a friend over a few weeks ago and she was making fish faces at Jack. He tried to imitate her and it was the funniest thing. Now we make fish faces at him all the time and he'll try and do it back. Here's a video of Jack's fishy face!!

Dancing Baby!!

Jack has learned to dance!! He is sooo funny. He dances all the time when music comes on TV or even in his carseat when the radio is on in the car. Here's two videos of Jack gettin down!!

Jack LOVES to read!!

Jack is a BIG fan of books!!! He loves, loves, loves to look at his books and have Mommy and Daddy read to him. Much to our dismay, it is often the same few books that he likes us to read over and over and over again!! We do it though of course because we want him to always enjoy books and love reading. We often catch him sitting on the floor "reading" to himself. It's so he is a few weeks ago "reading" out loud.

So Dizzy!!

I caught Jack a few weeks ago spinning around in circles in the corner of the kitchen. It was so funny to watch him learning how to spin around and make himself dizzy...I had to take a video of it. Sorry it's sideways...I can't figure out how to flip it.