Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jack's New Tricks

Our little man has learned some new tricks. He can now snort (we don't know where this came from...he just started doing it one day and now does it randomly or if we do it, he'll do it back!), give kisses, and wave. I managed to get a video last night of him doing all three!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jack's First Boo Boo!

Jack got his first fat lip last night. I'm sure with my active little guy, this won't be the last :) He was playing under his high chair and must have been pulling himself up and then fell and hit his lip. He cried of course and his lip was bleeding a little bit. It swelled up right away and I gave him an ice cube to suck on which he liked. He was fine but his poor lip looked so swollen! It was better about an hour later when I put him to bed and it's not swollen at all this morning thank goodness. Here are some pics of his first boo boo!