Friday, November 13, 2009

Sears Pictures!

We went to Sears portrait studio last weekend to get Jack's pictures taken. He's now 19 months old and we haven't had any taken since he was a year. The girl assigned to us to take our pictures was beyond awful but luckily the manager came in and took over and we ended up getting some pretty decent shots. The whole thing from beginning to end took 2 hours because the girl we got was so bad. The manager ended up giving us free pictures for next time though. Anyways, here is a slideshow of some of the shots from our session.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Despite the rainy weather, we had a great Halloween this year with Jack! He dressed up as Elmo, his favorite Sesame Street character. We got him all dressed in his costume and had him look at himself in the mirror. He couldn't stop smiling! Then we took him out trick or treating. We only went to about 6 or 7 houses as Jack was pretty slow taking his time looking at all the different houses and their Halloween decorations and pumpkins. He was really trying to figure out what we were doing and what was going on but as soon as we got to the door and the people put out the bowl of candy, he didn't hesitate! He reached his hand right in and grabbed handfuls!! Smart little guy!!

Click here for more Halloween pics!