Monday, March 22, 2010

February & March

I haven't posted in awhile but have still been taking lots of pictures! We've had a busy past few months. I finally went back to work on March 1st but enjoyed my 2 months of maternity leave! We had a bunch of snowstorms this winter but this past weekend we had a taste of spring and loved it! I got a new Nikon SLR camera last weekend that takes amazing was so worth every penny! I love it.

We are also getting ready for Jack's 2nd birthday in a few weeks! On his real birthday we are going to take him back to the Strasburg railroad...we can't wait!! His party will be on April 10th and we're looking forward to having everyone there to help us celebrate.

Emma is doing great and getting bigger everyday. She has started cooing and smiling a lot!! She had her 2 month checkup a few weeks ago and was 11 lbs, 2oz and just over 22 inches long!!

Below is a link to a lot of new pictures. Hope everyone enjoys and we're looking forward to seeing everyone soon!!

Click here for pics from February & March!