Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jack's 2nd Birthday!!!!

Well, my little baby boy turned 2 this week! How bittersweet!! It doesn't seem all that long ago when he was born and now here he is a big 2 year old boy already!! Jack had a great 2nd birthday. Mommy, Daddy, Oma, and Emma all took him to his favorite place, the Strasburg Railroad! We had perfect weather that day...lots of blue skies, sunshine and warm temperatures! We made the long drive to Lancaster and when we arrived we decided to walk around for a bit and look at some of the shops. Jack got some special treats of course! Then we went on the train ride. It was packed but Jack loved the ride and passing by the other trains. He especially liked when we would go over a road at the "crossing" as he says. He likes the gate that comes down and the blinking lights and bell! After our ride, we walked around some more and looked at some of the parked trains...we even caught a glimpse of Thomas in his shed and had to explain to Jack that he was sleeping! After all this, everyone was starving and Oma treated us to dinner at the Olive Garden. Then we had to make the long drive home and Jack fell fast asleep after his busy day! It was a great 2nd birthday and the celebration is going to continue into next weekend when we have his big party!!

Click here for pictures of Jack's Birthday!!