Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jack's First Steps!!!

Well, we're approaching the 1 year mark, and little Jack is trying so hard to walk. He can walk very well holding on to something or using his push toys. He's just started taking one or two steps on his own. The most he has taken by himself so far is 4. Something tells me it won't be long now until our little man is running wild!

Our Trip To The Park

We finally had a nice day last weekend, so we took Jack to Madarach Park in Limerick. It was very crowded and Jack loved watching all the other kids running around and playing. He's still pretty little to play on most of the equipment, especially since he can't walk yet. He loved the swings though and some of the smaller things he could sit on.

Superman!! (in honor of Uncle Chris!!)

Jack is following in Uncle Chris's footsteps! He now has his first pair of Superman pajamas...complete with a cape! Check him out...we'll have to get Uncle Chris a matching pair (ha, ha!)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jack's 1 Year Proffesional Pictures!

We took Jack yesterday to Sears to get his 1 year pictures taken. I know it's a few weeks before his actual first birthday but I wanted them to be ready before April
1st. They did a great job and I love how they turned out. We did a few family shots too. We ordered a bunch of sheets and we purchased the CD so we can print them ourselves too. Here's a slideshow I made of all the pictures!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jack's First Haircut!

Well, it was finally time for little Jack's first haircut even though it made Mommy want to cry. We went today on Jack's 11 month birthday to a place called "SnipIts". They specialize in kids haircuts and we really liked the place. They had all sorts of toys and things to distract him from being scared. They even had little tv's at each chair so the kids could watch that. Every kid also gets a prize when they're done getting their haircut...Jack got a little rubber ducky. He also got a certificate for being so brave during his first haircut and Mommy got to take home his little locks of hair as a keepsake. Here is a slideshow of pictures from the first haircut.