Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jack & Cousin Carter

Last week Jack met his new cousin Carter for the first time. I grew up with my cousin Brooke (we are about a year apart) and now our 2 little boys are going to grow up together! Carter was born May 2nd so is about 1 month younger than Jack. You can really notice the difference in size! We are going to get the two babies together again in August (Brooke and Carter live in Connecticut) and see how much bigger they are in just 2 months!

Here are some pics from their visit!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Smiling Baby :)

Here's a video I took this morning....Jack has started smiling and I was able to catch it on video. He's very happy in the morning and smiles and coos a lot....so sweet!!

Jack's First Date!!

Jack had his first "date" last Saturday. My good friend Rose had her daughter Hannah about 6 weeks before Jack was born. She was in town last weekend so we got the two babies together. This was the first time Jack was around another baby. I thought they would be fascinated with each other but they payed no attention to one another at all!! Oh, well...I'm sure that will change soon :) Here are some pics from their visit together....too cute!