Sunday, October 25, 2009

28 week ultrasound!

This past Monday, I had a 28 week ultrasound done. I am having extra ultrasounds this pregnancy due to my pre-eclampsia when I was pregnant with Jack. The doctors are making extra sure that everything is okay and the baby is growing well. She looked great! The technician took lots of measurements of the baby and can tell she's about 2 lbs, 11oz and is in the 56th percentile for weight so she's right on track! Here are the pics they printed out for us to take home.

The image on the left is the baby's face, she's laying on her side, looking right at you. You can see her eye (the little round black circle) and a chubby cheek right below it. The image on the right is her profile. She's laying on her back looking up.

Image on the left is baby on her back with her mouth open...the round thing right above her open mouth is her hand. Image on right is another profile pic with baby on back looking up.

The technician double-checked the gender for us...yup, it's still a girl!!

Fun in the new House and the Phillies!!

Jack getting ready for bed in his big boy bed!

Sitting on the front porch

Playing with the pumpkins

Playing in the yard while Daddy rakes leaves

Jack has been having fun getting used to his new house! He loves having the whole downstairs as his playroom and he has a big boy bed. He's done great sleeping in his own bed...Mommy or Daddy lay with him until he falls asleep and he'll stay there the whole night (yayy!) He also loves having a big yard to run around and play. Oh, and he's been enjoying watching the Phillies in the playoffs! He even says the word "baseball" when it's on TV but it comes out more like "ba-ba-ball". Here are some pics from the past week or two.

Oh, no, I can't watch!

Yayy! They did it!

Doing a celebration dance!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our New House!

Well, after a long wait and a lot of work we are finally moved into our new house and we love it!! We had settlement on September 29th and officially moved in this past weekend. In between, we did quite a bit of work to the house...painting, carpet cleaning, hanging up blinds. By "we" I mean mostly Chris! He really worked hard to get everything ready for our big moving day and then getting everything organized and put away once we moved in. The house looks great and we can't wait for everyone to come and see it. Below is a link to a photos of the new house.

New House Photos