Saturday, May 16, 2009

For Grandpa....

I think I mentioned earlier that Jack is really starting to try and talk. He has a few words that he can say and also tries to repeat a lot of words too. Here's such a cute video I took a few days ago when he was looking through one of our photo albums. He kept looking at a picture of Grandpa and was saying was too cute. Now we'll be working on everyones names...Aunt Steph, Uncle Scot, Uncle Chris, Mimi,Pop Pop, Oma... One he has definitely mastered is Dada. He's on a huge Dada kick these days and when Chris is at work, he points at pictures of Chris and says Dada, Dada or just randomly says Dada all day long. When I ask him to say Mama (which I know he can say and has said plenty of times), guess what he says? Dada!! He's too funny!! Oh, and the video ends in him crying because he tried to grab the photo book from me and was not too happy that I wouldn't let him :(

Jack's Playdate

Last Saturday Jack and I went to NJ to a place called Jellybean Jungle. We met up with some other moms and babies from the message board that I've been on since Jack was born. All the moms on there have babies that were born in April 2008 so it was fun to get some of them together. Jellybean Jungle is an indoor play area for kids under 5. They have things to climb on and play with a few ball pits which the kids loved. All the other moms that came had girls so Jack was the only boy but I don't think he minded at all :) Here are some pics from our day.

Jack playing with a little girl, Nani. He kept throwing the plastic balls at her head and laughing. She just looked at him like he was crazy.
The kids all running around and playing.
All the moms and babies.
Right before we left, we tried lining up all the kids in one of the ball pits. We should have done it when we got there because they were all hungry and tired and crying...except Jack...I think he was laughing at all the crying girls!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Walking Everywhere!!!

Here's a video I took the other day of Jack walking. He is now 100% walking everywhere!! Please excuse his was a day when most of his clothes were in the wash so we had to mis-match him!

Jack's Words

Here's a video I took about 2 weeks ago of Jack saying some of "his words". He can say a handful..."dada", "mama", "no", "light", and "bye bye". He tries very hard to repeat words we are saying so I'm sure soon he'll be chatting away!