Tuesday, December 29, 2009

XMAS 2009!!!

We had a great Xmas this year! I was worried that I'd miss it because the baby would decide she wanted to come out Xmas day but here I am 4 days later and still pregnant! Jack got sooooo many presents...he is definitely one very spoiled little boy!! He got lots of cool toys, trucks, books, clothes, and art supplies! Chris and I also made out well with lots of gift cards, picture frames, and new rugs and pillows for our new house!

We weren't sure how Jack was going to react Xmas morning. We've been talking with him a lot about Xmas and Santa and how Santa brings toys and presents. So Xmas morning we woke up and asked him if he thought Santa came and he said "Toys?" Then we had him walk out of our bedroom and check out the tree. Here is a video of his reaction...definitely not what we expected! Guess he was a bit overwhelmed!!

Jack's big gift was his Thomas the Train table! It took Daddy and Uncle Chris about 2 hours to setup on Xmas Eve. Jack was sooo excited when he saw it! Here's a video of him "opening" his gift!!

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A Day Out With Thomas!

On December 4th we took Jack to the Strausburg Railroad for a special event called 'A Day Out With Thomas'. They hold it a few weekends a year and the REAL Thomas the Train is there for everyone to ride. It was really busy but they had it very well organized with trains leaving every 1/2 hour all day. The actual train ride is only about 20 minutes long. They also sell any and every type of Thomas the Train stuff you can imagine from the toy trains to clothes to books...the list goes on and on. Needless to say we had a great day and Jack absolutely LOVED it. We will definitely go back again next year!!

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