Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ocean City Vacation 2009

We just got back today from our first official family was wonderful! We spent a whole week in Ocean City, NJ. We rented a great place in a quiet area of town...we had to drive to get to the boardwalk but we could still walk to the was the perfect setup for us. This was Jack's first time to the beach and seeing the ocean. He was so funny...he kept calling it a "bath" but by the end of the week, he knew it was the ocean. He LOVED playing in the sand and getting covered head to toe! I'm sure he ate more sand than I care to know over the past week....yum! He was a little timid of the ocean at first...he didn't quite understand the waves and how they worked so it was a bit startling but after a few days, he got the hang of it. By the end of the week, he was running in and out at the edge of the water. Jack also loved the much to see! We took him on his first rides...he's not quite sure what to make of them when he's on them...he doesn't cry but he doesn't smile...just stays very serious. He loved watching all the rides and lights and noises though, particularly the ferris wheel...everytime he would point and say "WOW!" Overall, it was such a great trip and we are sad it's over but we can't wait to go back next year!!!

Here are 3 videos from our trip. One of him playing on the beach, one of him in the water, and another of him on the merry-go-round. Below is a link to all the pictures I've posted on our picture page...I made a new album of just pictures from our vacation...Enjoy :)


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