Monday, September 28, 2009

Linvilla Orchards

Last weekend we took a trip to Linvilla Orchards in Media, PA. They have lots of orchards there where you can pick different kinds of fruits depending on what is in season. The big thing this time of year is apple picking. We didn't get a chance to pick apples this trip but are planning to go back. The day we were there they had an arts and crafts festival going on. Lots of people had tents set up selling all kinds of home-made things like paintings, jewelry, woodwork, and hand-knit clothing. Linvilla also had all their Halloween things out...a huge pumpkin patch and Halloween decorations which Jack had fun running around in. They also have some animals there...lots of chickens, ducks, horses, and goats. Jack's favorite thing there though was the little train ride they had. Jack and Mommy went on first but when the ride was over, Jack wouldn't get out of the car. He stayed sitting very firmly in the corner shaking his head and saying "No, no." I of course had to take him out since other people were waiting for their turn but Daddy took him on one more time after that...what a spoiled boy!! We had a fun day and are looking forward to going to a similar place next weekend called Merry Mead Farms.

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