Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fun in the new House and the Phillies!!

Jack getting ready for bed in his big boy bed!

Sitting on the front porch

Playing with the pumpkins

Playing in the yard while Daddy rakes leaves

Jack has been having fun getting used to his new house! He loves having the whole downstairs as his playroom and he has a big boy bed. He's done great sleeping in his own bed...Mommy or Daddy lay with him until he falls asleep and he'll stay there the whole night (yayy!) He also loves having a big yard to run around and play. Oh, and he's been enjoying watching the Phillies in the playoffs! He even says the word "baseball" when it's on TV but it comes out more like "ba-ba-ball". Here are some pics from the past week or two.

Oh, no, I can't watch!

Yayy! They did it!

Doing a celebration dance!

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