Saturday, May 16, 2009

For Grandpa....

I think I mentioned earlier that Jack is really starting to try and talk. He has a few words that he can say and also tries to repeat a lot of words too. Here's such a cute video I took a few days ago when he was looking through one of our photo albums. He kept looking at a picture of Grandpa and was saying was too cute. Now we'll be working on everyones names...Aunt Steph, Uncle Scot, Uncle Chris, Mimi,Pop Pop, Oma... One he has definitely mastered is Dada. He's on a huge Dada kick these days and when Chris is at work, he points at pictures of Chris and says Dada, Dada or just randomly says Dada all day long. When I ask him to say Mama (which I know he can say and has said plenty of times), guess what he says? Dada!! He's too funny!! Oh, and the video ends in him crying because he tried to grab the photo book from me and was not too happy that I wouldn't let him :(

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